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Friday, November 23, 2007

Amy Butler Sofia Carry All Review

I've finished it! I was so excited waiting for it to come in the mail, I started right away.

Fabric Used= Exterior Patent Leather + Lining/Piping Cotton. I followed the instructions for 44"wide light to mid-weight fabric.

Changes Made(or some mistakes...):

  • Interfacing:I didn't read it thoroughly so I ended up interfacing the top panel and end panels more than needed. It came out fine in the end.

  • I couldn't find fusible Thermolam Plus. I used instead fusible Thermolam and doubled the layering. (Except on the end panels, i used 1 layer, since I already used to much of the woven interfacing).

  • Pockets:on one side i divided into 2, on the other side I divided it into 3


  • All the interfacing took forever to fuse! But the prep work to me is least liked anyways. I want to get down to the sewing.

  • The lining is attached to the exterior by hand stitching. Ugh! It was tedious (especially with the leather) but it worked really well.


  • Pattern was very easy to follow. As always, Amy Butler is very detailed in her patterns. Which is why i messed up on the interfacing. She gets wordy and I try to skim it instead of read it. But her detailed words is what I also like about her patterns.

  • It was my first time working with woven fusible interfacing. I really enjoyed it. It gave the bag more stability than i expected.

This was my first time making a bag from patent leather. It was a great pattern to use with the fabric. I recommend everyone who enjoys making bags to try this one out. The swing bag was my favorite Amy Butler pattern. Now...I think it's a tie between the Swing Bag and the Sofia Carry All.

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adrienne... said...

Oooooh... Yours is nice! Was it difficult sewing the leather? I haven't tried anything but cotton yet! I enjoyed doing the bag, but I was so frustrated at the end trying to jam the lining in and then get it to line up without being bunchy. And of course the hand sewing... But yours looks great.

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