. Celestina Carmen: Fabric Silhouettes

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Fabric Silhouettes

Thanks to Anna Maria Horner I got a great Idea for Christmas presents for the grandparents. Click here for instructions. Instead of using her stencils, I decided to do portrait silhouettes of my 2 boys. I used Mod Podge for the gloss medium and Folk Art Acrylic paint. The yellow paint took 5 coats! The red paint only took 3 coats . I would like to do some sort of clear gloss to finish them off. I'm not sure what to use yet. Do I just use the Mod Podge? If anyone has suggestions...I would love to hear them.

This is my first time working with paint in a long time. Last time was probably finger paints in elementary school. It's very calming. I think I'm becoming a paint-a-holic. I can't wait for my next project to paint.

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Anonymous said...

They look great! Did you have any problems with the fabric staying flat? I did them on an 11x14 canvas and I have lots of puckering.
Please email your response to eghansen217@hotmail.com

Courtney said...

Hi, I just came across your comment on marthastewart.com and am wondering about what the other commenter said. I can't find anywhere more info about how to stretch the canvas and cover with modge podge. once I covered the canvas it puckered and didn't dry evenly. Any suggestions would be great!

Tina said...

If I remember correct, the directions say to stretch/staple one on each side. Doing that, I had puckering to. I noticed that if I stretched and stapeled more on each side, it helped to eliminate the puckering. I'm not sure why it didn't dry evenly. Even the one I did that puckered dried evenly. It was probly not coated evenly from the puckering.

Vintage-at-Heart Designs said...

I really love your silhouettes. How did you create the silhouettes of your sons? Did you take a side-view photo?

Tina said...

vintage-at-heart:Yes I did take a side profile shot. I just printed it out in black and white. Then cut around their image for a stencil. It took many shots to get 2 young boys to sit for profile photos.

Anonymous said...

did you use the fabric modge podge or the classic?

Tina said...

I used the classic Modge Podge. I've never seen the fabric one before.

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