. Celestina Carmen: Project Runway Season 4, Episode 11

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Project Runway Season 4, Episode 11

CHALLENGE: Choose an inspirational piece from the Metropolitan Museum of art and create a look of their choice.

WINNER: Christian

AUF'D: Sweet P

FAV OUTFIT: It was a tie...Christian's and Jillian's



  1. Jillian and Christian argue again. They both agree ... they're over it.
  2. Rami says that the other outfits are to "loud". He's going for a statement not "loud". So, he drapes again...boring. Turns out, the judges like "loud".
  3. Chris is done early and goes to sleep in the lounge. Once it's time to dress the models, he whips out his glue gun. I guess he wasn't as done as he thought.

CONCLUSION: Rami should have been auf'd. He shows the same thing for every challenge.
Two were suppossed to be auf'd, but the judges couldn't decide between Rami and Chris. They both get another chance to create a collection. The judges will decide who has the better collection to show at Bryant Park.

NEXT EPISODE: The Reunion. Everyone is back for the final get together. Fan favorite is announced.

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David Dust said...

Poor Sweet P - her lack of Peacockery got her sent home.

Nice summary!

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