. Celestina Carmen: Project Runway Season 4, Epsisode 10

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Project Runway Season 4, Epsisode 10

CHALLENGE: Create an outfit for the WWE Divas to wear in the ring.


AUF'D: Ricky

MY FAV OUTFIT: Chris's leopard hoodie.

MY LEAST FAV OUTFIT: Rami's pink sequined thing.


  1. For a moment Jillian is worried that if her diva isn't satisfied, she'll be body slammed.
  2. Rami drapes again.
  3. Christian calls Sweet P's fabric, tranny-ice-queen.
  4. Sweet P and Christian arm wrestle. She calls him a skinny armed twit.
  5. Sweet P's diva is the only one who is unsatisfied at the first fitting. She wants more bling, more feathers, more, more, more.
  6. Sweet P has no idea what to do and cries again.
  7. Ricky's looks more like a bathing suit, he's unhappy with his outfit. (It was a fabulous bathing suit. Just needed to be a little more super hero-ish.)
  8. During judging hour ... Michael Kors felt like a fish out of water. Said he felt like a pope in a sex club. Big surprise.

CONCLUSION: Go Chris go. This was definitely his challenge, so it was no surprise that he didn't have any trouble with it. Jillian and Christian both portrayed their Diva's image to the T. Ricky did a fabulous bathing suit, but that wasn't the challenge. Sweet P's diva was the only one that still was not satisfied. Her outfit looked very unfinished with sequins thrown all over it. I thought Sweet P should have gone home this week and last week as well.

NEXT WEEK PREVIEWS: One last field trip. Everyone looks excited about the challenge. Sweet P is having trouble again. Jillian is cracking again. Her and Christian get into an argument. Drama Drama Drama!

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