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Friday, February 15, 2008

Qumana Blog Editor Review

Two weeks ago Lisa from U-handbag posted a review on the blog editor. That was the first time I've even heard of a blog editor. I've been having so many problems with bloggers button (sometimes working and sometimes not). This came at a good time. Although when you go to download, there is an option for MAC or Windows Xp. I have Vista and have noticed that Vista has problems with some softwares that ARE recommended for it. Did some research and found that some users didn't have any problems with it working on certain types of Vista. It clearly doesn't work to well with mine. I've tried it for almost 2 weeks.


  1. I like the look and set-up

  2. Easy- no user manual required.

  3. When uploading images, you have more options on picture size and position then with blogger.

  4. Inserting link- Go to website, copy link, click to insert into blog and Qumana automatically remembers what you copied and you don't even need to paste.

  5. Spellcheck as you go.

  6. Automatically send out pings to Technorati.


  1. Freezes.

  2. Sometimes I can't get it to load. It starts, then just quits.

  3. I'm unable to load pictures from computer properly. I can upload images from computer to Qumana. Then Qumana gives a warning that it won't be uploaded to blog. Instead of an image on your blog. You have a little square with an x through the middle.

  4. After I installed the program to my comp I started having computer problems. Not sure if they are related but if they don't stop I'll probably end up uninstalling Qumana.


I was really hoping this was going to work, but there is just to many cons. I love the idea of a blog editor and I'll be in search of a new one.

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Anonymous said...

I have used "Qumana Blog Editor" on windows xp , but now I have a new pc , with vista(64b) .

Any blogeditors you can recommend for vista users ?

(I haven't tried Qumana on this pc)

Tina said...

Qumana was the only blog editor I've tried. I originally wanted an editor because blogger was acting up a lot. Since I haven't had as many problems with blogger, I never downloaded a new editor. I forgot.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't get Qumana working with vista .
But I installed 'Windows Live Writer Beta' , and it works perfectly .
(Maybe even better then Qumana , but that's just my personal opinion)
I'm hoping google makes something similair ;)

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