. Celestina Carmen: To Gocco or Not

Sunday, February 24, 2008

To Gocco or Not

I've been debating. Do I gocco or old fashioned screen print? I want, I want a gocco. I've been researching the gocco and love all the things I've seen, especially on flickr. I'd like to use it for screen printing on fabric. That requires the stamp, which is discontinued. To start with gocco I'm looking at anywhere from $300-400 (for the one I want). With screen printing I can probably get away with about $100-150 for start up. I'd eventually like to screen print. Some of my designs are to big for printing with gocco.
The only problem is my tiny town house. Which is why the gocco would work perfect. I did find an online shop that sold ready to go screens with emulsion on them. I like that idea.
Off to do more pondering...

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