. Celestina Carmen: New Pillows To Jazz Up The Couch

Monday, April 14, 2008

New Pillows To Jazz Up The Couch

The design was stenciled on using Lotta Jansdotter's stencil from Lotta Prints.

Fabric ink used: Versatex in brown, Jacquard Lumiere in pearl turquoise. I liked the consistency of the Jacquard for stenciling, Versatex was a tad to thick. Once dried ... Versatex blended in with the fabric but, Jacquard stayed very stiff.
I'm having so much fun with my Gocco and painting on fabric. I started looking into a screen printing class. They're a lot harder to find in my area, but I'm determined.

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Sherrin said...

very nice!!

Wendy said...

How fun, it looks great!

paperseed.wordpress.com said...

These turned out so great! I never get tired of that color combo.

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