. Celestina Carmen: Not So Crafty

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Not So Crafty

I've been fighting with my regular trimmers at work... I want them to work, they refuse to work. I went looking for a new pair, I came across this one. I already adore them. Even though I like pink, it's knowing I'm helping out a good cause that makes these special. The box is deceiving. The trimmers are actually a more muted pink on one side and black on the other. Almost pastel purple. Muted is so much better. Didn't want to scare my male clients with hot pink trimmers.

On a crafty note...
Trimmers are great for removing unwanted sweater pills. Found this tip a couple months ago on a blog I can't seem to find again. If I do come across it again, I will definitely post the link up here.

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