. Celestina Carmen: My 1st Attempt At Drawing Fluid and Screen Filler

Monday, July 21, 2008

My 1st Attempt At Drawing Fluid and Screen Filler

Here goes the good, the bad, the ugly ...

I started off by taping my image to the back of the screen. Then on the recessed side I traced my image with a pencil.

I applied drawing fluid (on the underside) everywhere I wanted the ink to flow thru. Let that dry overnight.

On the same side as I applied the drawing fluid, I squeegeed the screen filler. Just as you would flood ink on a screen. Filler is used to block out and create the stencil. This is probably where I went wrong. (See pic below) I didn't apply even pressure. The left side of the image had to much filler deposit. I was a little weary about squeegeeing to hard and taking off the drawing fluid. You only get one swipe.

Here is the result ...

The side where to much filler deposited, wouldn't rinse out. No matter how long and hard I scrubbed. I plan on buying Speed Clean to remove the bad side. Then I'll just paint the screen filler on the areas I want blocked.

Conclusion: I tried this on a large screen (23" x 30"). Next time I try something new, I'll try it on a smaller screen. Now I have a big screen to redo.

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Venetian Blue said...

Wow Tina I love your design and can't wait to see it finally printed. I feel for you not being able to get the drawing off the screen, it is really frustrating when you create something good and something goes wrong - all part of the creative process I suppose.

Whitney said...

Oh it's nice to see you are trying some screen printing. My husband and I purchased all the supplies to try some screen printing of our own. Can't wait to see your results!!

I also love checking in on your Gocco-ing. I JUST did my first Gocco prints last night! It's so exciting. I just love it and I'm totally hooked. Thanks for posting all the info you do about the process. It's great and has come in handy for me!

BTW love your design on this screen!

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