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Monday, August 4, 2008

New Tools

X-ACTO X2000

My old craft knife was horrible. It took forever to cut out stencils. It was dull (from the beginning) and it would bruise my poor fingers.

Picked up the X-ACTO X2000 at the craft store. Cutting was a breeze and my fingers love the soft comfort grip. I started using my craft knife more frequently now. How often should I change blades?

DuraBright Buglight

During my web search I came across a couple sites that listed yellow buglights as photo safe lights. I'm tired of applying emulsion in the dark. I hope these work just as good as the yellow photo safe bulbs. Anyone have any experience with these bulbs?

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Sherrin said...

I love your stencil so far... can't wait to see it printed up! And yes- good tools make all the difference... I really need a decent cutter like yours.

Angie said...

Tina, I use a yellow bug light with no problem. It is what my instructor used.

Emma said...

Great Stencil! Take it from an architecture student, blades should be changed pretty often! Though yours will probably last longer than they do for me since you'll just be using them on paper. (I always end up using them on wood, plexi, etc.) Usually you can tell that is becoming dulled by looking at the tip & edge compared to a brand new blade. If your working very thick paper (or some type of board) for a project, I would change blades before and after just to be safe. But for thinner paper your blades should last longer. Hope that helps! Like most things I think it can be somewhat subjective too, it took me years to figure out when I felt I should change blades, despite advise from others.

Jodi Renshaw said...

Ooohhh... thanks for the new tool tips. I look forward to finding out whether that bulb works. Please let us know :)


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