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Friday, September 5, 2008

Gocco-ing All Week :: Fun

Building a frame :: I needed close to perfect alignment. The image extends to both sides of the card and the bottom. Here's a picture of my registration. First I figured out where to place my note cards on the pad. Then I lined up pieces of paper on either side. Every print after that was lined up in between the pieces of paper.

I haven't been to happy with my Gocco card racks. The cards don't stand straight up, they tilt at an angle. You have to be very careful. Any little breeze (even a walk by) will cause them to sway and bump into each other. Even if you use ever other slot, they can still bump each other.

Here's my new alternative ...


Pic via.


I tuck the corner under the bar to keep it from flipping up. Of course, I would tuck the corner with no ink. I couldn't get the camera to focus on just the white card. I really do need to get a better camera.

Ikea 's VINK CD rack for $2.99. Cheaper and more efficient than Riso's card racks. See the spacing ... no bump action aloud.

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lusummers said...

great gocco rack! thanks for your comment on my blog - in answer to your question, i love the thremofax screens. they come ready stretched on flat metal frames which i prefer to clunky wooden ones. it's exactly like a traditional screen, no difference at all. the only drawback is limitiation of size - although i'm selling the biggest size (around 16 x 10 inches) pretty well through my etsy shop :) like you, i had trouble with the screenfill method.

Natasha said...

good tip for the gocco rack - thanks. I like the look of the print you are making. I am very intrigued as to the finished product.

Lorraine said...

Ooo! What a great idea for a card rack! I'm off to go hunt around my place for a similar rack I think I still have. I'm so excited because this weekend I'm going to try out my gocco for the first time.

lusummers said...

hi, i'm in the uk so it probably doesn't help you, but i get my thermofax screens made at www.thermofaxscreens.co.uk - it's got lots of information on the site, and somebody told me that your local tatoo place might expose the mesh for you - it's the same machine they use for tatoo stencils, then you'd just have to tape it to a screen of your own.

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like I may have to convince someone to have a meatball dinner with me tonight!

Melly D said...

very nice indeed!!

handmaiden said...

u r really inspiring me to learn this stuff..have made a bookmark of the book in yr previous post to get

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