. Celestina Carmen: First Spoonflower Swatch

Friday, October 17, 2008

First Spoonflower Swatch

My submitted design to Spoonflower.

My first swatch from Spoonflower.

I know my computer screen is off on color but doesn't the design I created look brown? Well, that is what I was hoping. The swatch I got back is a dark grey. Looks like a slightly faded black.

I would like to make Amy Butler's Birdie Sling with this fabric, so I needed about 1 1/8 yards of fabric. I'm so glad I printed a swatch before printing yards of fabric. Now I need to do some color tweaking. It was so off, I'm not sure what to do.

Spoonflower tip :: I should have made a swatch with multiple colors on it. I highly suggest this.

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celestefrittata said...

TAG, you're it!
You've been tagged to share 7 random facts about yourself! See my Blog for the details/rules.

Natasha said...

definitely looks more like grey to me! not really sure how to tweak the colour - have the spoonflower folks any advice. I will be interested to hear what you do. Great idea to make a multicoloured swatch.

Connie from Sweet Figments said...

The color looks slightly purple on my computer. I've been designing swatches for spoonflower too. Hopefully I'll find the time to get around to it soon.

Connie from Sweet Figments said...

what file format did you submit it in? i think it's suppose to be lab color in a .tif file? i know that if you switch from RGB to LAB color there's a pretty big shift. I usually design everything in CMYK so there isn't much change if any.

Connie from Sweet Figments said...

it also helps to have your monitor calibrated

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