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Monday, October 13, 2008

New IPhone App :: Twitterrific

I downloaded a new app for my IPhone ... Twitterific. It's a freebie for Twitterers. User friendly and free, can't beat that.

Here's a look at Etsy, courtesy of my IPhone. Don't forget, I can still zoom in and out.

Taking screenshots with your IPhone is easy. Press your home button + sleep/awake button at the same time. You'll hear a camera click. It's now saved in your photos file. It's saved as a PNG file. I upload it in Photoshop and save for the web.

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Wendy said...

hi tina - yes, the colors did shift. it seems that basically every shade lost a lot of red. so my reddish-orange became tangerine orange, etc. i think i'll make a swatch with a color chart if i am to order more yardage!

kimberly_michelle said...

oooh! Thanks for the fun screenshot tip!

I don't "tweet" as much as I should on my phone... that should be next week's goal!

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