. Celestina Carmen: Winner :: Gocco Prints Giveaway

Friday, November 28, 2008

Winner :: Gocco Prints Giveaway

Comment #14 was prettydamnfabulous.com (They are ALL gorgeous! I especially love the print.) Please contact me with your shipping address. There's a email link in my menu bar.

Thanks for everyone's nice comments. It's always good to hear that someone besides myself reads my blog.

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Mon Petit Lapin said...

Ahh can't believe I forgot to enter - gutted! Congrats on the year though - very impressed ;)

Angie said...

Oh, wish it was me! Maybe next time. Look forward to the coming year with you.

Natasha said...

Very sad not to win! You need to somehow open your etsy shop. Definitely looking forward to the next year. Thanks for such an interesting and informative blog.

Anonymous said...

Yaaaaayyy!! So excited! These will make fabulous Xmas gifts, if I can manage to part with them myself.

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