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Monday, February 16, 2009

Pangea Organics :: Natural Products, Plantable Packaging

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I'm slowly but surely changing out my old products for organic. We just recently started selling Pangea Organics at the salon I work at. I've only tried the Japanese Match Tea Mask ... I love the way my face felt. It felt good to put natural products on my face instead of all the artificial crap I normally use.

Bonus Bonus :: "Product cartons are made using a new Zero-Waste process with 100% Post-Consumer paper and organic seeds like edible sweet basil and flowering amamranth." It's plantable!! Soak in water, then plant it in the earth. That's what really sold me. I can't wait to plant my box.

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Lorraine said...

wow: this is awesome, Tina! wonder if they sell them around here somewhere...

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