. Celestina Carmen: Diaper Pouch

Monday, March 30, 2009

Diaper Pouch

I'm weening from a big diaper bag to something small. Small enough to fit in my purse. My youngest is almost completely out of diapers. I still wanted to be able to carry some essentials, in case of accidents, just to be safe. The diaper pouch fits a pack of wipes and 3 diapers with room to spare.

I added a velcro pocket to the back and decorated with topstitching.

The front is screen printed and has some topstitching for decorations too.

Fabric used :: linen
Ink Used :: Versatex

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Christina Lowry said...

If I saw you with this beautiful pouch I would never guess there were diapers inside! It looks fantastic - love the extra stitching too! :)

Sherrin said...

The top stitching makes such a lovely detail to your print. Beautiful!

kayla_d said...

Very cool. I love the print and your stitching.

Laina said...

That is so cute, when you little one gets a bit older, you can use it for other things, too, you know the things you don't want floating around loose in your purse.

ericka said...

I LOVE this..what a great idea!

disa said...


another way said...

gorgeous, i LOVE the detailed top-stitching! such a lovely touch. do you prefer Versatex over Speedball ink?

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