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Monday, April 20, 2009

New IPhone Apps

As I've mentioned before ... Luv my IPhone!! Here's a few new apps I've been using ...

  • Amazon :: I search Amazon a lot. This app makes it so much more easier when I'm on the go. Cost = Free
  • Yowza!! :: Paper coupons are going to become extinct, at least for me. Yowza!! tracks were your location is and lists any stores in your area that are having sales. Plus you'll get paperless coupons for the stores as well. This is a new app, be patient. Stores are still being added. Cost = Free
  • My Books :: Keep track of your books at home. This app uses Amazon to search and add books to your library. Each book is displayed with a picture of the cover. It also keeps track of who you lend your books to. New upgraded version allows you to make a wish list then transfer to own. Cost = $1.99

  • Facebook :: Browse Facebook with an interface designed for the Iphone. Unfortunately I haven't been able to figure out how to access my groups with this app. This app has been working terrible for me. Anytime their is a new update, this app starts crashing on me. Cost =Free

  • Target :: Love this store! Gift guide. I don't use this app to much. Cost =Free
  • GoodReads :: Not an app, but worth mentioning since I use it so much. I love this site. I use it to research books before I buy them. It's an online book club. For the mobile interface ... while using your phone type in goodreads.com/mobile. I save mine to the homepage for easy access.
  • Sally's Salon :: Run your own salon. For the fans of Diner Dash. Fun, but I finished the game to fast. Not enough levels. Cost = $.99
  • Grocery G :: Have I mentioned this one before? Oh well, this one is good enough to mention twice ... Multiple lists. Take this shopping. Keeps track of the cost of the items in your shopping cart as well as the ones still on the list. Cost $1.99
*These are the prices I paid (or didn't) at the time. Some might have been on sale, prices may vary.

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