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Friday, October 16, 2009

Project Runway :: Season 6 Episode 9

Here's my recap, cliff notes style. If you don't want to know, don't read!!

Episode 9 : Sequins, Feathers and Fur, Oh My!
Challenge: The designers must create an extravagant stage look for Christina Aguilera.

Favorite Designer(s): Nicholas, Christopher's Outer piece
Least Favorite Designer(s): Logan

Winner: Carol Hannah

Competition Over For: Shirin

Yeahs ::
  • Nicholas's positive attitude. He was so excited to do this challenge.
  • Logan compliments Carol Hannah making her giddy and flirty.
  • Everyone acting goofy.
  • Nicholas calls Irina a b!tch.
  • Nicholas's feathers looked awesome.
  • Christopher's outer piece was borderline steampunk. I loved it.
  • I liked the top of Shirin's dress.
  • Althea created a beautiful pattern.

Nays ::
  • Irina bashing Shirin ... again!
  • Shirin was struggling. She doesn't do to well under pressure.
  • Sequins and sequins. Oh, I so don't like sequins.
  • I didn't care for Carol Hannahs. It was ok, but not win worthy.

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