. Celestina Carmen: Wish List Wednesday

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wish List Wednesday

Exciting World of Pattern Design :: This is a stunningly illustrated journey through modern fashion trends and innovations around the world. Patterns are everywhere - on paper and cloth, as wallpaper or wrapping materials. They can be abstract, geometric, or filled animal and plant motifs. Regardless of style or colour, patterns have one thing in common, their purpose is to create a mood, a backdrop, or a setting for the main design. Whether they're austere and undemonstrative, or elaborate and vibrant - the "Exciting World Of Pattern Design" features an abundance of patterns of all kinds and dimensions. They're all brand new, inspired and inspiring, original, decorative, pretty, unusual, flashy, subdued, vintage and totally stunning. (Blurb courtesy of GoodReads)

Check out Freshly Blended's book review with images of the inside!

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