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Friday, March 12, 2010

Project Runway :: Season 7 Episode 8

Here's my recap, cliff notes style. If you don't want to be spoiled, don't read!!

Episode 8 : The Elements of Fashion
Challenge : The designers must create a look inspired by one of the four natural elements.
Guest Judge : Roland Mouret (French Fashion Designer)

Favorite Designer(s) : Seth Aaron
Least Favorite Designer(s) : Amy

Winner : Jonathan

Competition Over For : Ben

Yeahs ::
  • Seth Aaron's - amazing tailoring!
  • Maya's - don't normally like ruffles, but these were soft and flowy.
  • Jay's - liked how it flowed while the model walked. It was beautiful.
  • Anthony's - the top was lovely.
  • Mila's - the judges ragged on it, but I liked it.
  • Jonathan's - Romantic. Nina called it poetic ... I agree.
  • Emilio's - I luvd how he works with texture. Beautiful.

Nays ::
  • Amy's - I really like her designs. I was sad to see this mess. What's with the hairy boobs? I don't understand this concept.
  • Ben's - The crotch was terrible. The tailoring, sad.

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