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Friday, April 16, 2010

Project Runway :: Season 7 Episode 13

Here's my recap, cliff notes style. If you don't want to be spoiled, don't read!!

Episode 13 : Finale : Part One

Favorite Designer(s) :Seth Aaron, Jay
Least Favorite Designer(s) : Mila

3 months from last episode, 4 weeks to Fashion Week, Tim visits the designers ...

Seth Aaron's :
  • Lots of black and grays.
  • Amazing coats.
  • Impeccable tailoring, as usual.
  • Tim's comment(s) : It's to much of what the judges have already seen, he needs to wow the judges and reconceptulise. Think hard and reflect.
Emilio's :
  • Lots of color and texture.
  • He created his own print. Wow!
  • Tim's comment(s) : Refreshing. He sees a serious absence of sophistication and he sees clothes that look old.
Mila's :
  • Lots of black and white, with a few spots of color.
  • Lots of geometric shapes.
  • Tim's comment(s) : Conservative, even going a little matronly.
Jay's :
  • Lots of black.
  • Beautiful color choices, nothing to bright.
  • Beautiful, looks like artwork.
  • Innovative.
  • Tim's comment(s) : He's afraid it was getting gimmicky. Gimmicky looks like student work.

Walk-Off ... Jay Vs. Mila ...

Mila's : like the shape/fit of the outfits, but the stripes are over done. Very simple, retro.
Jay's : Fresh. Art. Beautiful shapes. Luvd it!!

Winner Of Walf-Off : Mila :(

Competition Over For : Jay :(

I am completely disappointed with the judges decision. Mila's was a little boring and she had over done the geometric shapes. Jay's was innovative and so beautiful. He created beautiful texture. I'm confused why they choose Mila over Jay. I thought Jay would have been the clear winner.

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Brooke Reviews said...

I was rooting for Mila the whole show, so I was happy she made it. I'm not even sure why I liked her from the beginning (her and Seth Aaron) I did like Jay's stuff though, it was sort of gimmicky and way over done I thought and agreed with the judges.

Also, it's not just the judging we see on T.V. that chooses who goes to fashion week. The producers and Tim also give their opinions. I can imagine that they thought Mila's would be a totally different style, because they already have Seth Aaron being edgy. Do they really need Jay's overdone work there too?

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