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Friday, April 23, 2010

Project Runway :: Season 7 Episode 14

Here's my recap, cliff notes style. If you don't want to be spoiled, don't read!!

Episode 14 : Finale : Part Two
Guest Judge : Faith Hill

Favorite Designer : Seth Aaron
Least Favorite Designer : Mila

Seth Aaron's Collection :: Inspired by the 1940's German/Russian Military.
  • Impeccable work.
  • Beautiful designs.
  • Some a little out there.
  • Luvd the yellow plaid dress.
  • Judges comments : crafts clothes beautifully, many ideas, very editorial collection, exciting collection, more sophisticated than previous work.
Favorite pieces from Seth Aaron's collection :

Mila's Collection :: Inspired by shadows.
  • Still a little to retro, but beautiful.
  • Lots of black. Lots of geometric shapes ... not surprising.
  • Dark.
  • Some nice jackets. Barely any color. The only outfit that had color (that wasn't in the leggings) was my favorite. I want that sweater jacket.
  • Irina (Season 6 winner) commented saying she wants Mila's collection. Of course she does. It resembles hers, very monotone, mostly all black and simple.
  • Judges comments : more contemporary, great show, successful, they liked the changes in hair and make-up compared to her previous looks.
Favorite pieces from Mila's collection ...

Emilio's Collection :: Inspired by his mom and sisters (hers or his? Seemed to have forgotten).
  • Lots of color. It was refreshing.
  • Beautiful jackets.
  • Dresses were plain and simple.
  • Created his own fabric. It looked fabulous.
  • Luvd the final green dress, gorgeous.
  • Judges comments : blown away, gorgeous coats, most commercial of the 3 collections, quiet but sophisticated collection, heavy on the suitings, where was the drama?
Favorite pieces from Emilio's collection ...

And the winner of Project Runway Season 7 is ... drum roll please ...


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Angelia said...

I really liked all the last three collections. One of my favorite seasons so far.

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