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Friday, May 21, 2010

Lavender Satchels

My bf has been kind enough to grow and maintain lavender for me. I've been cutting and drying for awhile now. I finally have enough dried for about 2 satchels.

I wanted the satchels to be an easy quick sew. I used scrap fabric, whatever thread and needle was left in my sewing machine (from last project), and whatever ribbon was on hand.

Satchel Tutorial ...

Scrap Fabric
Ribbon (2 pieces, 10" long)

1. I prefer to create a pattern out of freezer paper rather than mark the fabric. Below is a picture of my pattern with markings for future reference. Don't follow the measurements in the picture. I changed them as I went. Here are my final measurement decisions ...

Pattern piece measured 5 1/2" x 3 1/2" and was placed on the fold of the fabric.
The casing is 3/4".

2. After you cut out your fabric piece, open it up and serge/finish the raw edges all the way around.

3. Fold the edges of the short sides 3/4" towards the wrong side of fabric. Topstitch close to the opening. This is your casing.

4. With right sides together, and starting from your topstitching line, stitch down the sides of your satchel. Don't stitch your casing closed! I used a 1/4" seam allowance.

5. Turn right side out.

6. Starting on one side, weave ribbon through both sides of casing. Once you come back around, tie the ends of the ribbon together. Repeat on the other side. Drawstrings are now done.

7. Your satchel is now ready to use.

Lavender Satchel Ideas :
  • Freshen shoe bins.
  • Freshen clothing drawers.
  • Place in pillow cases.
  • Hang in closets or storage areas.

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angie said...

I love lavender, but my allergies don't. Besides, we can't grow it here, too humid.

Are they for a gift or to keep?

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