. Celestina Carmen: Redesigned Freezer Paper

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Redesigned Freezer Paper

I love Reynolds Freezer Paper. I use it to trace my patterns, so that I keep the originals in tact (learned that one the hard way). I even use it to design my own patterns. I recently ran out and had to by some more. The new freezer paper has been redesigned! It feels slightly thicker in texture and has a matte finish. The old paper had a little sheen to it. The only real difference I can see so far is, it doesn't curl up on you (as much as the old design) when you work with it.
The many uses of freezer paper for craft use:

  1. trace patterns, create your own
  2. use it to print on fabric
  3. create your own gift wrap
  4. create your own stencils with it
  5. applique

Those are just some craft uses. There's even a flickr freezer paper stencil group. If you want to try making your own, click here for instructions. It's definitely not just for storing meat.

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