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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Flowers Flowers Flowers

Sharing time. Here's some cards I designed. I really enjoy my Illustrator.

No posts about Project Runway today. The show resumes next wednesday...stay tuned.
I spent my night watching Lost. I actually listened more than watched. I was preparing my bags to get ready to sell. I heard through the grapevine that Lost would be giving out hints and tips. I missed them! I didn't know they would be scrolling along the bottom of the screen, I'm bummed.

On another note...
I got the go ahead to sell my bags I designed, at a Salon as well as a Boutique. So I'm taking care of the background stuff (ex. business license, getting them ready) and then I'll be good to go. Once they're all ready to go I'll post a pic. Wish me luck. I'd like to sell on Etsy, but I'm nervous. Never delt with shipping before. The most I've ever shipped is my bills. I figure, I'll see how well my bags go then I'll look into Etsy more.

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