. Celestina Carmen: Pattern and Palette Sourcebook 2 A Complete Guide to Choosing the Perfect Color and Pattern In Design

Monday, February 4, 2008

Pattern and Palette Sourcebook 2 A Complete Guide to Choosing the Perfect Color and Pattern In Design

Author: Heidi Arrizabalaga

I first came across this Book while surfing Amazon. I was making a list of books I was interested in. I always look at the reviews and take them into account when buying a book. Unfortunately this book had 2 very bad reviews. I still added this to my list. I'd just check it out for myself next time I make a trip to Borders.

It's a great resource of color combinations. Was it worth the $30 I spent? No. I should have waited to use the coupons Borders sends me. I'm glad I added this to my swarm of books. Lots of color inspiration and I will be looking to it for color ideas. I haven't yet settled on my blog's color sceme. Now I have lots of ideas.

If you're planning on buying this book for its interactive CD-ROM, you will be very disappointed. Not sure why it was even included. Waist of money if you ask me. Pop in the CD, choose a pattern, change the colors...that's it. The book IS sets of patterns just displayed in different color combinations. When I want to play with color combos, I use color guide in Illustrator.

Conclusion: If your looking for visual inspiration, check this book out. I really like all the patterns and colors combos in it. Although, there are so many design books with interactive CDs that you can actually use! It might be worth looking at those first.

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Beth said...

Thanks for the review. It's very helpful!

Crystal said...

I bought this book thinking it included all of the patterns complete as repeats in all the different color combinations and was copyright free. Wrong. Total waste of money, totally deceptive. Argh!

Sweet Artworks said...

I have the same book and was also disappointed with the cd. It's not at all what I expected, but I do love seeing all the CMYK colors samples to get an idea of how a color will actually look once printed since my monitor isn't calibrated very well.

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