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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Project Runway Season 4, Episode 13

Finale Part 1.
The 4 contestants get 5 months to create their collections. 6 weeks in, Tim visits them to give his input on what they've done so far.

Christian: Theme, Romantic Goth. Tim thinks it's to costumey. Turns out Christian started off as a hairdresser before he went into fashion. As a fellow hairdresser, I'm going to root for Christian now.

Jillian: Theme, Ancient Armour. Tim loves the amazing detail on one of her jackets but he doesn't like the dark colors.

Rami: Theme, Joan of Arc (resembles fighting gear). Tim thinks it's to heavy and looks "hammered and nailed" (not soft enough).

Chris: Theme, Dark Glamour Goth ("beauty with a quirk"). It's 95% fashion, 5% costume. Tim's gag reflux kicked in when he saw that Chris used human hair for trim. Tim relates it to living in a monkey house.

Flash Forward - 5 days until Fashion Week
Show off Teams: Chris + Christian, Rami + Jillian = 3 hours to prepare best 3 outfits
Judges reactions to Chris's outfits:
  • Michael - Remarkable work but still giving to much costumes.
  • Nina - Overboard but intrigued.
  • Heidi - Creative and Unique

Judges reactions to Rami's outfits:

  • Michael - Looks effortless but gorgeously made. Organic and commercially viability. Although he did have some problems with certain pieces.
  • Nina - Appreciated the fact that he listened to them and didn't have all draping. His outfits had a lot of volume but she too had problems with some pieces.
  • Heidi - Agreed with Nina.

Final 3: Christian, Jillian, RAMI(?)

I was so shocked when they chose Rami. They loved Chris's outfits and didn't have any negative comments.They had a few negative comments for Rami. I still don't think Rami should be on the show. When Tim went to visit Rami he went to his studio. It was set up like a beautiful store!!! This is where the other designers are trying to get to! Wish it would have been Chris.

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David Dust said...

Poor Chris - he was forced to go back to the Monkey House.

Click here for DavidDust’s Project Runway recap.

Bye…love you…love your hair!

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