. Celestina Carmen: First Gocco Print

Monday, March 17, 2008

First Gocco Print

Here it is. I had so much fun. I can't wait to do more. The picture quality isn't that great. I was goccoing in the evening.

Colors Used: Burgundy, Mauve

I've learned so much from the Flickr group Gocco. If your interested or own a gocco, check out this group. It's a wealth of knowledge from everyday goccoers. I've been reading a lot about Goop. It's supposed to be great at cleaning your masters. So I went out and purchased some for only $1. If I don't like it, it was only a $1.

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Beth said...

That looks great! Congratulations!

Julie Stenning said...


Well, I went and bought a PG11 after I saw a post of yours recently about print gocco. Where do you get the Goop from? I live in the UK and have heard of Goop but presumed it was only available in the US.

I love my print gocco! Thanks for showing me something new.


Tina said...

Julie- I'm not sure If Goop is sold in the UK. I would checkout FLICKR group Gocco. They discuss Goop a lot.

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