. Celestina Carmen: Test Run: Oil Color and Gocco

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Test Run: Oil Color and Gocco

Ratio used was 1:1. Color is Blick's oil color in raw sienna.
(Over 24 hours later, and the ink is still tacky.)

I'm loving my Gocco. Although I'm having a hard time finding some colors that I like. Most of the beautiful Riso colors I want are discontinued. I came across a couple threads on flickr using oil color and Georgian Block Printing Medium. I was able to achieve better solid color coverage with the oil color concoction. If you look at the bird's eye, the fine detail didn't come out as well as with Riso color. Next time I'll try using more medium for better fine detail coverage.

Here are some pictures of oil colors mixed with the block printing medium:

Block Printing Medium was a hard product to find. I purchased mine at Blick's Art Materials, but was unable to find it at any other art supply stores. Online you can purchase it from there website www.dickblick.com.

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