. Celestina Carmen: Birdie Gocco Card

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Birdie Gocco Card

Here's an update on a previous post, My First Gocco Flop.

Before redoing a new screen, I tried the squeegee method. I read, in the flickr groups, that some people have more luck with solid areas using this method. Unfortunately, it came out the same. I still think there was to much carbon in the original. I also have problems with about 1/2" around the edges burning. Before I burned new screens, I moved some images over.

4 screens and 8 bulbs later ...

Colors Used: Dark Brown, Pastel Blue

This time I printed my original from a laser printer and I removed the excess carbon with an iron. The solid areas were still not perfect but a lot better. The blue didn't dry as opaque as I wanted, but I expected that. I printed the layer with the blue twice. To make sure I lined it up perfectly, I used the registration plate for every card. I got some pretty blue ribbon to embellish the card some more (still haven't made up my mind on that yet).

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Felicia said...

Adorable bird :)

Julie Stenning said...

This looks really great. I haven't done a two/three screen print yet - too mean because the screens and bulbs are so expensive!


Tina said...

Julie- you just have to dive in and do it. I buy a few packs of bulbs and screens at once. I figure, I have it on hand, I might as well use them.

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