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Monday, March 3, 2008

Only The Essentials Wristlet

What's with the name? Well, wristlets are small enough to fit in a bigger bag (ie, diaper bag), but big enough to carry your essentials. I would stash mine in the diaper bag. When I went into a store, I'd leave the the diaper bag and grab my wristlet.

A coworker of mine thought I should make more bags with just solid colors. She felt they would be easier to match outfits. How to spiff up a solid color...add some pin tucks. I've made 3 solids...gray (which is mine), brown, olive green.

I'm getting ready to open a etsy shop. I'm trying to take the right pics that capture the colors and details of the bags. First round of pics I didn't like so much. Since then, I think I've improved a little with my photos. I'll try the pics again this week. The weather should be beautiful. Lots of natural lighting.

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Anonymous said...

Love the wristlet, I love pintucks! Good luck on etsy, it's great, I love it! And natural lighting is really the best for pics too.

Jenmomof4 said...

I love the wristlet. My cousin gave me one for Christmas and it is tiny. I love it. I keep some cash, credit cards and my library card. Love to grab it and go!

paperseed.wordpress.com said...

Wow, this wristlet turned out so beautiful with the pintucks! The dark grey is really perfect.

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