. Celestina Carmen: Gocco And The Papers I've Used

Monday, April 21, 2008

Gocco And The Papers I've Used

This week's post will be about my Gocco findings. Whether they've worked or flopped. Here we go ...

I just printed my first Gocco Print. Once I get my Etsy shop up and running, these will be ready. I printed this set on Arches Watercolor Rough 90lb. I love the results! The colors seem (to me at least) more vibrant and intense. This is great for the lighter colors.

I've also printed on cardstock and some textured paper. I've noticed, the more textured the paper the less smear and better application.

I've only done test strips of fabric with Gocco paper inks so far. It looks the same as it would stamped on paper.

I love playing with and testing out my Gocco. If you have any paper findings you'd like to share, please feel free. I can't stop talking enough about Gocco.

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DEE BEALE said...

Just started Goccoing myself, your blog is a great source of information and inspiration, thanks for sharing your Goccoing experiences.

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