. Celestina Carmen: Gocco On Wood

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Gocco On Wood

Picked up a piece of wood from the craft store. I wanted to test out how Gocco reacted to wood. I had an idea but it needed some testing first.

One side of the wood was left natural, the other was painted with 1 coat of white acrylic paint.

Natural Side:
  • Dried fast.
  • More absorbent.
  • Nice coverage.
  • Detail still there.

Painted Side:

  • Took longer to dry.
  • Wasn't absorbent so, the ink looked smeared. For fine detail, not okay. I still liked the results.

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Krissy said...

Thanks for commenting on my Flickr page!

Printing on wood had a bit of a learning curve for me depending on the detail of the design. I hardly pressed for the backs and really had to push down for the fronts...

I like what I can see in this pic!

Anonymous said...

fantastic'ly informative blog, thank you gazillions. I print on wood with my gocco screens; I think it depends a lot on the surface. Some wood is already primed or sealed, some is more porous and absorbent...if your underpaint is not oil-based, then it's easier to print. High gloss surfaces are always harder to print. As in faux painting and house painting, the rule is "fat over lean" i.e. waterbased over oil based, but not the other way around...cheers! Judy

judyfunk said...

er.. fat over lean = oil over water/base *blush* Judy

Tina said...

Judy- I have so much fun printing on whatever I can with Gocco. Thank you for the info.

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