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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hello With Gocco

Colors used: turqoise and tangarine orange. Both colors dried darker than first print. Thought I'd mention that since the lighter colors (pastels for sure) dry lighter.

I finally achieved solid color coverage! Here's what I did differently: I changed from photocopies to laser print. Before flashing, I cleaned up original by ironing the extra carbon. Click here for a tutorial on the artwork clean-up procedure.

First two colors of my Hello cards done. I was going to wait until all the colors were done, but I really wanted to share my experiment. Here is the turquoise embossed with pastel blue embossing powder. Notice how you can't see the turquoise anymore. The color of the embossing powder hides the underlying ink.

I did come across a problem while I was printing.
I used ink block to block the white areas around HELLO and made a border around the image. I used 1/2 tube of color to ink the rest of the screen. About every 2-3 cards I needed to re-ink parts around the white image. The ink would spread toward the edges of screen. Eventually bi-passing the ink block and leaking out the top. I haven't had this problem before and I'm not sure what went wrong. Should I have not used ink blocking around the edge of the screen? Did I use to much ink blocking? I definitely had enough color. I'm not sure why it would spread out? Anyone have any ideas...please let me know.

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Sherrin said...

I would love to be able to comment with gocco advice, but sadly I only have gocco envy- not gocco experience! :*(

BTW- those bottle clocks became the record clocks. I just used the clock parts and put them in the record. The 'bottles' are now at the bottom of my rubbish bin. ;o)

Miss Fruitfly said...


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