. Celestina Carmen: Finally Finished

Monday, May 19, 2008

Finally Finished

It takes me awhile to finish books with no pictures. An hour here, an hour there.
This is a must read for any crafter who is even thinking of turning their hobby into a business. The book is filled with fantastic tips on how to get the show-on-the-road. Each chapter has an interview with successful crafters who started small and are now fulfilling their dreams.
You're introduced to the world of trade shows, publicist and press kits. The back of the book has lists of internet resources from craft fair links to links for outsourcing.
If you're already out there and showing at craft fairs and trade shows, then some of the knowledge that is shared in this book will be old to you. But, this book is still a must read for those people. It's motivating and inspiring.

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