. Celestina Carmen: Testing Versatex And It's Color Fastness

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Testing Versatex And It's Color Fastness

I like the consistency of Versatex but wasn't sure how it would hold up after going through the wash. I tried 3 different techniques. Here are my results after one wash:

  1. Heat set with an iron = Extreme fading.
  2. Fixer* added to ink and no heat setting = Slight fading, very minimal.
  3. Fixer* added to ink with heat setting = (Pic above) No fading, no change. Here is a pic of before wash. Even though the Fixer says that heat setting is not required ... I'm going to definitely do it from now on.

*Fixer is added, in very small amounts, to Versatex inks to increase wash fastness. Thanks superphoebe for the heads up on Fixer.

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