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Friday, May 23, 2008

Screen Printing - Screen Cover Tutorial

Since my craft/printing space is so small, improvising is a necessity. I created this case so I can safely carry my emulsified screen from the dark room (shed) to the exposure room (kitchen). The top has a flap to slide the screen in. The sides are sealed with Velcro. When I'm ready to expose, I separate the Velcro, and now the cover is used to help absorb light.

Fabric used: Craft Felt (Update: Felt leaves a little lint on screen, not much. I'll try cotton next. I used felt for a little cush.)
Other supplies: sewing machine, thread, marking chalk, ruler, tools for cutting
Approximate time for project: 1.5 hours

*Cover size will be determined by size of screen.*

1. You will need to cut 2 rectangles from fabric. Here is the formulas used in determining sizes:
  1. Body:
  • Width = (depth times 2) + (screen width times 2) + 1"(I used a 3/4" Velcro. I placed the Velcro about 1/8" - 1/4" from edge.)
  • Height = screen height + depth (This is being a little generous. You could do half depth and it would fit snug.) + 1"
2. Top Flap/Panel:

  • Width = screen width
  • Height = 1/2"(Seam Allowance) + 3" + depth of screen

2. Fold body in half width wise. Mark middle/folded edge. Open back up for now. Right sides together, place top panel on body (Middle mark is to the right of top panel). Here is the placement formula:

  • From fold/middle: 1/2 of depth .... my depth was 1.5" so my measurement was 3/4" from fold
  • From left raw edge: 1" + 1/2 of depth ... my measurement was 1 3/4"
Stitch top panel onto body with a 1/2" seam.

3. Press flap up. Finger press seams open. Clip into SA where needed (body's) to help lie flat. Topstitch close to edge of SA. Fold the body in half like you did in step 2. Top flap is on top.

4. The Velcro is along the open side and bottom. Place Velcro about 1/8" away from raw edge. Start and stop Velcro 3/4" away from bottom left corner and bottom folded edge. Next time I'd like to try 1" away instead of 3/4".

5. Add Velcro to close your flap and then you're done.

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Average Jane Crafter said...

This is so cool - what a brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing the tutorial. :)

Miss Fruitfly said...

This a a better than what I've been doing...running to the dark room in the dark. My knees thank you.

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