. Celestina Carmen: Gocco and Screenprinting Inks

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gocco and Screenprinting Inks

I mentioned in a earlier post that I tried Speedball Ink with Gocco. Here is the results:

I found the ink to be to thin! I did not like working with Speedball. I made more of a mess than prints.

I've used the same screen prior with Versatex inks. Here is the result:

Almost perfect. Loved the results. I'm a fan of Versatex and I'll probably get rid of my Speedball inks. I used a squeegee to apply both inks.

Finished my swatches for the swap. When they're done drying, I'll post pictures.

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Venetian Blue said...

Hi Tina

I love your prints on fabric and thank you for trying out these different inks and posting about them.I just assumed that any fabric inks would work ok. It just shows that you should not give up on your first effort.


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