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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Swatch Swap

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I've joined in on Jesse's swatch swap. Exciting! I'm a newbie swapper.

I'll be swapping a 20cm square swatch, screenprinted by me. In return I'll be receiving a swatch. Jesse's work is amazing! I'm embarrassed to be sending her mine.

For my swatch I was thinking of using some of my linen/cotton blend. I'm low on Versatex ink, which I've been having so much luck with. Decided to try the Speedball ink that came with my original screenprinting kit. I squeegeed it on using my Gocco screen. The results were horrid! I'm a little over exaggerating but, Speedball and Gocco don't work well together for me. The ink seemed to thin. It bled in some parts and not enough ink in other parts. I used Versatex with this screen last, and had no problems (I'll post pics after I finish sewing up the fabric).

If your interested in the swap, click here for the link. Everyone is invited. Whether you've been printing for years or this is your first time. Any kind of printing is welcomed ... screenprinting, Gocco, block printing, stenciling, whatever floats your boat. There's even a Flickr group.

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