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Sunday, June 29, 2008

How To: Artwork Clean Up Procedure (Gocco)

This procedure sets and evens out the levels of carbon. By ironing, you help remove excess carbon that would otherwise clog your screen. Along with a laser printer, I've been able to achieve nice solid colored areas since I've started this procedure.

  1. Prepare your original. I size mine down first so it's ready to be flashed once I'm done.

  2. I lay a stack of paper on my ironing board, to create a flat surface. This is were I'll be ironing my image. Leave a few sheets of paper of to the side for removing the excess carbon.

  3. Lay image on top of stack (image side up) and lay a sheet of paper over the image. I iron on medium-low heat (synthetics). Pass over the image 3-4 times (no more than 4 or else you're removing to much carbon). It should take you no longer than 2 seconds to pass over image.

  4. Peel back paper. If your image is sticking to the paper, shorten your pass time.You start risking removing to much and you can take pieces of the image off. If by the third or fourth pass you don't see anything, your iron might not be hot enough.

  5. Repeat with a new clean paper. Repeat until no more carbon is lifting off.
  6. Flash your screen.

This information was a combo of my own experience plus NEHOC. Thanks to Lana Stewart who was kind enough to answer my FlickrMail and help me out.

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kLa said...

this is great! it helped me out so much, thank you.

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