. Celestina Carmen: Ry's 2nd Birthday

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ry's 2nd Birthday

My little one is officially not a baby anymore. How do I feel? A little sad. The years are just going to zoom by now. Next thing I know I'll be fighting with my teenage boys about how girls are not aloud in there rooms.

For his birthday he wanted to go to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, Ca, newly remodeled Marine World. It's wonderful. They walk some of the animals around so you can get up close and personal. There is a knowledgeable staff member at each exhibit. You can even play in the dolphin pool and feed them! Extra charge of course. You can also feed the sea lions, giraffe and birds. Of course they have awesome rides, but my boys are to young for that. We do visit Thomas (train) Town. They were so excited to ride in Clarabel (Thomas's coach). I took Ry on the Bertie the Bus ride. Jax (3 yr. old) watched with a worried look. My 2 year old went on a roller coaster! He's our adventurous one.

The most memorable experience ....butterfly experience. The boys can't wait to go back and visit the butterflies. Amazing! They're flying all around you. Pattern inspirations ...

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