. Celestina Carmen: Mixing It Up

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mixing It Up

This was my first time mixing Gocco inks. I tried using a scale to measure, unfortunately a postal scale doesn't work like a kitchen scale.

Colors Used: Mauve, Shell Pink, custom green

The green was created using 5 grams of Lemon Drop Yellow + 2 grams of Avocado Green. I was trying to achieve a muted yellow-green. The yellow-greens I've seen are to bright. The green in the image is actually a little greener than actuality. The color is actually a tad greener than Lemon Drop Yellow. The yellow added a nice shimmery tone. I would have like to use a different yellow but all I had was Lemon Drop and Mustard. This is very close to the color I was trying to achieve and I really like it.

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craftyclaire said...

That is a beautiful design, did you hand draw that, or do you design on a computer package ie photoshop or similar? Loving your gocco posts.

Tina said...

Thank you. I designed it on Adobe Illustrator. The program is wonderful and addictive.

Krissy said...

These look great!!

paperseed.wordpress.com said...

Beautiful job - especially with the coordinating envelopes.

Suzanne said...

Tina, Thks so much for sharing your work with the Gocco; I am on the fence and have a quick ?
I want to print on both paper and fabric; it seems the processes and equipment are essentially the same except for inks. Can you use any paint/ink with the Gocco? Is the Gocco for "burning the screen" mostly and can the screen be used however you like?
See, I am really "on the fence"!
If you have a moment for answers, thanks. If not, please keep sharing while I keep researching.
The stationery is lovely and colors are perfect.
Suzanne G/Gwycon2@aol.com

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