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Thursday, June 5, 2008

There's A First For Everything

I can't say enough how much I love my Gocco. Even though I haven't posted much, I'm still Gocco-ing. Some reprints and some I just haven't taken pics of yet. So far my experiences have been great. Until the other night...

I printed new notecards that needed 2 screens. The first flashing of the first screen, I experienced my first Gocco bulb dud. A little frustrating. Only one bulb went off. I popped in a new bulb and re-flashed.

After I flashed my 2nd screen, I dropped my lamp housing on the floor. My heart stopped! I still have more screens to flash this week. I checked for rattling..none...sigh. Then when I went to print with the 2nd screen, only half burned properly. Their was an image on the screen, but it didn't print. 3 screens, 7 bulbs later ...

I was Gocco jinxed. The last few days have been Gocco successes. I've been on a Gocco high. I was due for some Gocco humbling.

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Suzanne Gwynne said...

Ut-oh so sorry about the bulbs! I have been watching your Gocco-ing with much interest as I am trying to decide whether I should buy one. The bulbs seem awfully expensive but, then, you can use your screen lots after just one (or sometimes many ;( tries, right?
I want to use my photographs and sketches for notes, fabric and small projects.
Thanks so much for sharing!
Suzanne G in NC

Tina said...

If you get one you'll be a Gocco addict! I've read that flashbulbs can be used and are cheaper, but they're harder to find. I reuse my screens all the time. I've used one at least 4 different times.

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