. Celestina Carmen: My New Printing Smock

Monday, June 16, 2008

My New Printing Smock

I don't sew clothes. I sew handbags, tote, pillows and other accessories. Clothes are hard for me. I can't just pick a pattern and go. Their is sizing and re-fitting the pattern. I've tried a few garments, and they're all in my "need-to-finish" drawer. I came across this free online pattern Apron For Divya. Simple and easy, I can do that.

For something so easy, I messed up from the start. I didn't draw out the pattern right. The neck was way to big. I had all this fabric bulking up on my chest. I made the arm holes to big. The back of the smock wouldn't connect for a snap. Corrections made:

I added pin tucks to the front neck to decrease the size and bulk.

I sewed ribbon (to help cover up the elastic) to connect the back. There are 2 of these. The snaps are temporary (to big). When I get some more I'll replace them. I might even replace the elastic at some point. I'd like to have a thicker ribbon to cover all the elastic. I only used what I had on hand.

For something that was done in a couple of hours...I really like it. I can stay clean and look cute while I'm screenprinting.

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Average Jane Crafter said...

This is fantastic! I love the modifications you did, and the fabric is adorable. What a great way to mix form and function!

Jesse said...

Very nice indeed. The pin tucks are genius. Thanks for the link!

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