. Celestina Carmen: Refrigerating Gocco Inked Screens

Monday, July 7, 2008

Refrigerating Gocco Inked Screens

I'm doing a big print that will take a few days to complete. Instead of cleaning the screens after each use I decided to try refrigerating the screens with the ink still on them. I've heard of many successes with this on Flickr.

The next day I tried to print and could not get a clear print. My solid coverage now had splotches. The ink had dried and clogged the screen in some areas. After I cleaned the screen, I was left with clogged areas. You can see them in the picture below.

I'm hoping that when I print again I won't have any problems. Unfortunately, those clogged looking spots in the pic, that's where it was splotchy on my print.

Conclusion: I will not refrigerate my screens with ink again! No more shortcuts. The cleaning process is tedious, but well worth it.

UPDATE: I tried reprinting and it is definitely a clog. I printed as much as I could and hand painted the areas that wouldn't print.

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Krissy said...

you know, after reading on the flickr group about freezing the screens, I tried it. I was able to reuse one screen but haven't had much luck with the others. to save yours do you just clean them and place them somewhere? (no ink, no fridge)

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