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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Gocco Screen Storage

Currently I've been storing my used Gocco screens in a file folder. I came across these lovely Tripp tins at Ikea. Now my screens have a new home. (Screens are separated by a piece of paper.)

Now I have to figure out what to do with the last tin.

FYI: The word around Yahoo Groups is that Riso is stopping production. Not 5 years like currently stated. Here is a quote from YG:

  • I just received a letter from RISO stating that the supplies are now limited and not likely to be available after December this year although they are taking orders while they last - and will no longer be manufactured -Anyone else get this information? (Jane Parillo)

I'm so very very sad. I will definitely be stocking up. Welsh Products has unframed mesh rolls. The same as Gocco's! I'm emailing Welsh, but I believe they are all compatible with Gocco. I know the 135 and 200 mesh is.

UPDATE: I received an email from Mary informing me about the mesh rolls Welsh carries...

The mesh that is sold by Welsh Products IS Riso mesh made for Print Gocco machines. Many textile people call the mesh Thermofax film as they use this mesh to image on Thermofax machines. These machines were originally made to image transparencies for overhead projectors but these can now be printed through a photocopier so the machines were obsolete. However it was found that they were suitable to image the unframed Riso Gocco mesh, hence they have a new life. So if you want to find a substitute for bulbs, look for a Thermofax machine but keep in mind they will only image unframed mesh, not already framed Masters.

Unfortunately the mesh rolls is Riso not another brand we can look to when Riso is no longer. Thanks Mary for the information.

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Wendy said...

Ooooh! These are great! I love containers of all sorts, especially pretty ones like these. Thanks for sharing this find!

Amy said...

Love these, gotta get'em!

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