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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Scoop Coater

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Have you used one of these? I just finished coating my first big screen (23" x 31").

  • 1st attempt: I used the scoop coater for the first time. It was harder for me than coating with a squeegee. I ended up making a mess and wasting emulsion as well as emulsion remover. Not sure what I was doing wrong. I couldn't get a good even coat.

  • 2nd attempt: Coated my screen with emulsion using the good ole squeegee.
Unfortunately I now have a fear of the scoop coater. Which is supposed to make the process easier. The first time I coated a screen, I had a perfect beautiful even coat. Since then they've been just OK ... beginners luck. I don't mind coating smaller screens. I also coated a small one (12" x 18") at the same time as the big one. Next time I purchase the big screens, I'll buy the pre-coated ones. I just don't have the room to coat and dry the biggie screens.

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ladysnail said...

a fellow screen-printer! thank you for stopping by my blog. i use laucaux screen filler and laucaux water soluable stuff-i cant remember the proper name. lascaux inks are amzing to print with as well! i taken a note of your blog and will be back during the day (its 2am here) to have a proper read! dx.

Miss Fruitfly said...

I love my scoop coater, I make the biggest mess without. I think Etsy has some video tuts on how to use it. If I find it I'll send you the link.

Tina said...

ladysnail- Thanks. I just found that I have drawing fluid. It came in a kit. I just didn't know what the bottle was for.

miss fruitfly- I had the hardest time getting an even coat. I'll definitely check Etsy's tutorial out.

Venetian Blue said...

I have seen two print technicians use one of these with so much ease that I am sure that when I use one it will be so easy.......except I know it will end up running down my arms, shoes and anything else that is standing still!

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