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Friday, July 11, 2008

New Storage Cabinet

Photo via.

I've been waiting to bring this home. Woo hoo ... it's finally here. 2 cabinets, stacked on top of each other (connected) + 2 movable shelves = 4 shelves. Lockable! Wonderful for storing my chemicals.

It's fabulous! I store my printing supplies in the top locker ... Gocco, screenprinting, block printing. In light of the new revelation, I'm placing a big big big order next week (when I get back from vacation). I have plenty of storage space for it.

In the bottom locker ... haircolor supplies. I just changed my color line over from Wella Koleston Perfect to Verocolor. When those supplies come in ... my cabinet/locker will be packed with color goodies.

I first saw this cabinet in a side-by-side style. The stacked style was more suited for my tiny craft space. I've been oohing and aweing over this pic for sometime now ... my inspiration. Not sure if I was oohing over his cabinet more or all the fabulous Gocco supplies.

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ladysnail said...

I have been waiting so long to order a gocco! i just cant bring myself to pay for the shipping costs to the UK! your cupboard looks beautiful. dx.

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