. Celestina Carmen: Success With The Scoop Coater

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Success With The Scoop Coater

My second try at applying emulsion with a scoop coater was a success! It was easy! My first try was a bomb probably because it was all guess work. My coater did not come with any instructions. I did a little more web search and found these helpful links:

Here's the screen with a nice coat:

This screen was the same screen I used the screen filler technique on. I scrubbed the screen filler off with Speed Clean. It took about 5-6 applications/scrubbing to remove it all. It was such hard hard hard work ... okay you can whip out the violin (to go with my whining).

Coating an even layer of emulsion definitely helped with a even exposure. Now I have to purchase a smaller scoop coater for my smaller screens.

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Natasha said...

Congratulations!! The screen looks great. THanks for the links. I am going to study them in detail as my starter screenprinting pack just arrived - yippee!

another way said...

beautiful work tina! i have been using Oomph! to clean the Screen Filler off my screen & it works pretty well! i'll spray the screen & let sit an hour or so before washing/scrubbing..

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