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Friday, August 15, 2008

Good Screen Printing Day

I built my first screen (pic below) using this tutorial ... link. I was inspired by how well Sherrin's screen turned out.

  1. Built the screen with organza for the mesh, and canvas stretchers for the frame.

  2. I made a second attempt at drawing fluid/screen filler screen printing. Since I wasn't sure how this screen would turn out, I thought I'd use it to practice using the drawing fluid.
Here's the screen with the drawing fluid drying.

Here's the screen taped and ready for print. The drawing fluid/screen filler technique was a success. Depending on how well this prints. I plan on using this screen to practice repeating patterns.

Print ...
Notice some smudges?! My screen filler was coming off during print! This is only the 4th print. Even with the smudges, I'm happy with the print.

Here's the screen after it's been cleaned. Look how much filler came off. Whenever I want the filler to stay, it doesn't. When I mess up and need it to come out, it's a lot of pain and suffering to scrub it out.

:: Tip I learned from Print Liberation ::

Canvas stretchers are made from cheap materials. They will only last a few washes. So, I made sure to cover the whole frame with tape. Hopefully I can get a few more uses out of it.

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handmaiden said...

Thats so great you can do that from scratch

Venetian Blue said...

Great to see you experimenting so much. Is there some screenwash you can use to take the filler off the screen at the end?

Average Jane Crafter said...

Yeah, when I did that screen printing class back in May, one very helpful thing she taught us was a very methodical way of getting the screen completely covered in duct tape - making it essentially waterproof. It was a bit tedious at times, but when you end up with a solid frame that's gonna last for ages - it was worth it.

Love seeing your experimentation with the filler fluid. I still haven't played with my stuff since the class :( but I have a surface design class with her next month and can't wait to get back in the studio!


berryberr said...

Nice blog! Will check back often!!

Natasha said...

DId you paint the screen filler on or did you squeegee it across? It#s great to see all that you get up to. It does make me get itching to have a go myself!! Thanks for the inspiration.

Angie said...

Tina, I use pressure treated 1X2's to make my screens. And I do cover them completely with duck tape for waterproofing.

I have yet to try using the drawing fluid.

Lynne said...

useful tips thanks...saw your reply on flickr :-)

rachel said...

bummer the filler is washing out so easily :( I just got some of this product and wanted to replace the vinyl method I've been using for a more permanent screen. But if it washes out so easily it's probably not worth the time it takes to make.

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